Isn't it weird that it's already mid-October? Mike and I have already been married over THREE months. In Hollywood terms that's like ... a decade.

But, as you may know, we still haven't taken our honeymoon yet. We've planned and taken our minimoon though, which you should obviously read up on. 

I'll wait.


In the meantime, before we leave this January for Tokyo and Thailand, we've been lucky enough to take quite a few weekend trips to some pretty jaw-droppingly beautiful locales. 

Case in point: a few weeks after our own wedding we partied with dear friends O & G at their celebration in Bozeman, MT. 


(I hope you guys don't mind that I just snagged this pic from your Facebook. But the world needed to see.)

For Labor Day we went to the North Fork of Long Island for the first time and failed miserably at getting a photo of the two of us. But here's one of me looking beatific on a porch swing at our supercool B&B, The Morning Glory

And this past weekend we were lucky enough to be immersed again in all things Swedish. As you may recall, the hubby (!) and I took les vacances to Stockholm and Copenhagen last summer and have been pretty obsessed with lingonberries and modernist design ever since. 

Enter: c/o The Maidstone. This little retreat on a hill in East Hampton may appear like an English country inn from the outside, but is all Swede once you step foot inside. Check out our room!

Each suite is named and then themed for a famous Scandinavian. Ours was the "Verner Panton," a psychedelic furniture designer and contemporary of Arne Jacobsen (whose room was across the hall, natch). Do you know how much fun it is to say both of those names over and over again with a Swedish accent? Well, spoiler: really fun for me and a medium amount of fun for Mike to listen to. 

Also, unsurprisingly, I went gaga over the cuisine there. Herring, my beloved Vasterbotten cheese and Swedish meatballs were all on the menu. I would show you a picture of my kottbullar, but guess what? Meatballs in dim lighting are, actually, really unappealing looking. 

The Hamptons in the fall isn't exactly underrated -- there are still gobs of people milling about -- but it's far less crowded than the peak summer months and the weather is unbelievably crisp and beautiful. For anyone looking for a little weekend escape from New Yawk, get your butt up there.

Also, it's grape picking season!

That is an actual photo from my iPhone of the Wolffer Estate Vineyards on Saturday. Not pictured: me drinking fresh grape juice straight from the wine trough. Hashtag CLASSY.

So, in short, if you're waiting to take your big trip many months post-wedding like me, romance is alive and well, even in Long Island

the dress reveal

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