please and thank you

Bond's motto!


I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again. Writing thank you notes is no one's idea of a good time. Except maybe Emily Post. A gnarly Saturday night for her was probably doing two bumps of sealing wax and banging out, like, hundreds of notes in an hour. That bitch was crayzee.


Does this mean I'm not grateful for all the time and effort our guests spent choosing and sending us gifts? No. Mike can attest that my joy of receiving a new piece of All-Clad probably rivals his when the Redskins score a touchdown. Guess which one happens more frequently? YOU MAY BE SURPRISED.

But: does it mean that I'd rather get a full Brazilian if it meant I didn't need to hunker over my desk for hours practicing my cursive? Yes. My hand hurts. And on top of that, knowing that I still haven't sent out all my thank you notes is like a little grey cloud hovering over my head. It's the last item I haven't check off my to-do list (and you know how much I like lists) and I can't wait for it to be over. But still, I procrastinate. (However I do like my stationery, which you can read about here)

So, imagine my surprise when Mike and I stumbled up on this: a robot that will write your notes for you! Now we haven't invested yet, but this is badass. The next time I throw a party for almost 300 people, I'm going to get my very own robot that will not only write my notes for me, but be automatically programmed to tell me I look pretty every 27 minutes.

But, if anyone does try out this service, I'd love to know how efficient it really is.

minimoons are the new black

the shoes.