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trip report: paris day 2

Click here for day one. Day two started with complimentary breakfast at Alain Ducasse (!) in the hotel lobby. It’s safe to say that my sausage and eggs will never taste as… Read more »


trip report: paris day 1

  We went on a whirlwind long-weekend trip to Paris for a birthday that shall not be named. Here is what we did in pictures.   After much deliberation, we settled on… Read more »


trip report: charleston

As we have done for the past few years, we headed out of town for Memorial Day weekend. The number one requirement for our destination? Good food (duh). We decided on Charleston,… Read more »

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trip report: vermont

For President’s Day weekend this year, we were debating between somewhere warm (Vieques) or somewhere snowy (…all of the East coast). Since we had just been in Miami a few weeks earlier (both… Read more »

tierra entrance

trip report: atacama

For part 1 of our Chilean adventure, Santiago, please click here. As I mentioned earlier, the main reason for us traveling south of the Equator was to get to Atacama. And, if… Read more »


trip report: santiago

Santiago! When we were deciding where we wanted to spend New Year’s Eve this year, the only requirement was SUN. The original plan had us jetting to Hawaii, but, apparently, that week between… Read more »


trip report: hong kong

After our whirlwind five days in Manila, it was even whirlwindier to stop in Hong Kong for two nights. But, hey, we were already halfway around the world; why wouldn’t we see… Read more »


trip report: manila

  This past summer, two of my favorite cousins from Manila came to visit during a whirlwind tour of the States. GP, who is a crazily successful restaurant and club owner in Manila,… Read more »