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how we survived: weeks 28 – 40

As you probably saw, we have baby! But, before I get into life as a family of three (!) I thought I’d backtrack a bit and go through our third trimester. Weeks… Read more »

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Aveline (AH-vah-leen) Joy Lewin, born two weeks past her due date at exactly 2:00 AM on 2/2/16. We are in love.

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our maternity shoot

Since we’re still waiting on baby here at JM headquarters, I thought I’d share some of our maternity shoot photos. Our incredible wedding photographer, Lilian Haidar, was kind enough to take some… Read more »

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back to school part two: classes and experts

For part one of this series, click here. As I mentioned in the earlier post, book learnin’ ain’t everything.¬†Pregnancy and child rearing are rather … active activities, no? English thesis writing they… Read more »

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to baby, on her due date

Dear Baby, So, um, I left you a few messages, but I guess you didn’t get them? Maybe cell service in there is a little spotty. Anyway, today is your due date!… Read more »

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one week to go*

*Subtitled: OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT. BAH. I don’t even know how to start writing this. As you can see from the subject, my due date is in exactly one week…. Read more »


back to school: pregnancy tips and books

Today, I’d like to talk about learning. Isn’t it fun? But, do you know what’s not fun? That on Amazon alone, there are 84,000+ different pregnancy books available. Add in all the… Read more »


what i wore: maternity edition

Now that we’re about 2 weeks from my due date, I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be buying any more maternity clothes. That’s not something I’ll be mourning. Most… Read more »