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trip report: hong kong

After our whirlwind five days in Manila, it was even whirlwindier to stop in Hong Kong for two nights. But, hey, we were already halfway around the world; why wouldn’t we see… Read more »


trip report: manila

  This past summer, two of my favorite cousins from Manila came to visit during a whirlwind tour of the States. GP, who is a crazily¬†successful restaurant and club owner in Manila,… Read more »

catbird seat

the best things i ate in 2014

To put it mildly: 2014 was a busy year. We hit up six countries, 11 states and 25 different cities/towns/huts. We traveled to Asia for our honeymoon, then back to Asia again… Read more »

the finished product.


I live in New York. This means that as much as I love eating and talking about food, there are some pretty severe limitations on what I can actually cook in my… Read more »


trip report: austin, tx

Because Mike and I are both gluttons for punishment as well as regular-type gluttons, we decided that even though we’d already been gone for EIGHT¬†weekends of Summer 2014, we had to scoot… Read more »

the white barn inn

trip report: the white barn inn

One of the many things that happened while I was NOT blogging was being married for one year. ONE YEAR! [insert paragraph pondering time’s relativity here] As mentioned earlier, we had a… Read more »


and we’re back!

Hokay! We have a new blog here, guys! What do you think? Apologies for the VERY long interlude sans posts. This summer we had six weddings, three long-weekend trips, WE GOT A… Read more »


trip report: blackberry farm

Blackberry’s barn, where we had dinner every night. Well top ‘o the morning to you! I have been too busy to post much because of all the eating I’ve been doing. Oops…. Read more »