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trip report: austin, tx

Because Mike and I are both gluttons for punishment as well as regular-type gluttons, we decided that even though we’d already been gone for EIGHT weekends of Summer 2014, we had to scoot… Read more »

the white barn inn

trip report: the white barn inn

One of the many things that happened while I was NOT blogging was being married for one year. ONE YEAR! [insert paragraph pondering time's relativity here] As mentioned earlier, we had a… Read more »


and we’re back!

Hokay! We have a new blog here, guys! What do you think? Apologies for the VERY long interlude sans posts. This summer we had six weddings, three long-weekend trips, WE GOT A… Read more »


trip report: blackberry farm

Blackberry’s barn, where we had dinner every night. Well top ‘o the morning to you! I have been too busy to post much because of all the eating I’ve been doing. Oops…. Read more »


the vacation chronicles: newport

The view from our room at Castle Hill Inn In my previous life as a roving gossip reporter, “long weekends” was quite the foreign phrase. If you work for a weekly magazine,… Read more »

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just call me socrates

Because I have so much wisdom. My very first post for Marie Claire is live today! Check it out here.


date night: thai edition

*for our previous HowAboutWe for Couples date, click here. Best seats in the house at Ngam. Ever since returning from our honeymoon, Mike and I have been on a very, very serious… Read more »


recipe: cauliflower pizza crust

Filters make everything prettier. Happy Friday, friends. Growing up in my house, Friday night meant one thing: pizza. Well, two things, pizza and X-FILES. Since my ardent desire to see David Duchovny… Read more »