the finished save-the-date!

Since I've already shared every bit of info that's on our save-the-date, I figured I might as well share the actual image with everyone.

As I've posted before, we used Bella Figura's design, just tweaking fonts and curlicues here and there to make it uniquely ours. The original template actually looked like this:

They're getting married on 4/20!

As you can see, we substituted a cartouche with our initials for the crab. And, yup, I'm gonna make you Google "cartouche." Although, both of us being Marylanders, the crustacean would have worked quite nicely as well. Crab cakes. Football. Anyway... We also removed some of the swirlys and subbed out the script used for our names for something a little bit more playful.

If I could have sent out a different save the date for each guest, I absolutely would have. Bella's designs are really incredible and it was a hard choice selecting just one. I definitely just spent a good 10 minutes scrolling through all their designs right now and wondering if it's possible to send out a second round of save-the-dates. You know, just in case people forgot the first time around. Maybe it'll become a thing.

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