how we're choosing our wedding cake PART II*

*For part I of our sugar frenzy, please click here.

The famed sign.

Apparently one cake-tasting was not enough for Mike and me, since we also booked our appointment with Sylvia Weinstock for two hours later. So just to recap: cake for breakfast, cake for lunch.

Those are all SUGAR flowers. I don't think she realized I was taking her picture as well, haha.

Sylvia's studio is actually dangerously close to my office, but since I do believe you can't just walk in off the street and request 10 spheres of almond cake as an afternoon snack, hopefully my waistline is safe.

Sylvia has made quite a reputation for herself as cake-maker to the stars over the years, so getting to sit down and discuss our prospective wedding cake with her live-in the-flesh was pretty amazing. The walls of her studio are lined with thank you notes and photos from some of her big clients, which range from everyone from Mariah Carey to (Sidwell parent!) Hillary Clinton.

Sylvia's wall of fame.

The session here worked somewhat similarly to what we had with Ron. Sylvia gave us binders of her designs (emblazoned with her trademark glasses on the front) and let us sort through everything while she readied our cake samples. For anyone else getting married at The Plaza, you should know that Sylvia includes a basic white cake (buttercream frosting only, she doesn't use fondant as a base) with cascades of sugar flowers. Most deviations from this are an upcharge: i.e. adding a fondant bow or ribbon, changing the color or size of the layers, etc. Now, her basic cakes are really stunning (she's especially known for her floral work), so this isn't such a hurdle, but Ron will definitely work with you more to create something that's very unique to each couple.

The binders with her trademark glasses on the front.

Once we'd scanned the binders, Sylvia came over with a palette of frostings, all buttercream. Guys: her vanilla icing is pretty life-changing. It tastes like room temperature ice cream.  Imagine the possibilities of that! I can keep it in my purse and snack on it every hour without it melting. The other flavors ranged from strawberry to hazelnut to coconut and were equally delicious. Soon after she brought out her four signature cake flavors, which were almond, angel food, chocolate and vanilla. That way we were able to mix and match any flavor cake and frosting, which was fun. Also: any time you eat cake and frosting is fun.

Glorious, glorious frosting.

Sylvia herself sketched out what our possible cake might look like and it was great seeing an artist like that at work. She told us that some of her early clients have now contacted her again to design their daughters' cakes and she likes to incorporate an original sugar flower from the mother's cake into the daughter's. I thought that was very sweet.

We didn't even have to share our samples!

You may now be wondering who we have chosen for our own cake: well, tough. It's a surprise for now...

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