juliet's holiday gift guide for little people

juliet's holiday gift guide for little people

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Shopping for a baby or toddler this season and can't bear the thought of any toy that lights up or clashes with your decor? Trust me, there will still be a lot of those under Avvie's tree this year, but I also picked out some of my favorite stylish gifts for those of you looking for a little more quiet time. Are any of these practical? Not really. [For the record, Avvie would probably be happy with a roll of Scotch tape, some Parmesan cheese, and ABBA on repeat.]

Williams Sonoma Junior Chef Coat ($39.96): With Avvie almost two, it's time she started learning how to roll out pasta and make me cheese souffle.

Kukkia Pink Lens Hapista Camera ($30): I came across this on Maisonette, which is one of my favorite sites for high-end children's clothing and toys. That pink lens! So chic!

Murray's Stinky Baby T-Shirt ($25): Murray's Cheese Shop is my favorite place on Earth, so it's only fitting that any baby or child friend of mine wears their cheese pride boldly.

Lexyplexy Baby Teether ($29): Maman is one of the most charming French cafes in New York and I was thrilled to see they sell equally delicious (but not edible!) teething toys. In addition to the butter cookie, there's also an adorable croissant, pretzel, and more.

Maileg Vintage Mini Food Set ($36): So maybe not every parent searches for toy salamis and baguettes for their kids ... but, I do. I guarantee you won't find a more adorable set. Props again to Maisonette (and 10% off your first order with code NEWFRIENDS).

Zelda Matilda 8-Loop Bow ($8.99): The older Avvie gets, the bolder the bows. This one is my new favorite because: EIGHT LOOPS!

Monica + Andy Ruffle Bodysuit ($28): I've loved this brand since before Avvie was born and they just keep coming out with even more pieces to covet.

Jellycat Crazy Sloth ($30.50): I'm constantly on the hunt for weird looking stuffed animals and Jellycat never disappoints. I especially love the selection at Little Lamma. Use my code JULIET15 for 15% your first order!

TouchThinkLearn ABCs ($25): This is probably the most beautifully designed alphabet book I've come across. Plus, the pictures are raised and very colorful, which is great for an added tactile element.

What pretty-but-impractical things are you giving little ones this year?

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