Welcome to my entirely self-serving blog about getting married. I am that very stereotypical girly-girl who has been dreaming of this day on and off (mostly on) since about the time I first saw reruns of Princess Diana's wedding on TV.  I, alas, was born a few years too late to watch the real thing live. Don't even ask how high my level of excitement was when Kate Middleton finally appeared in that stunning McQueen number.

A few salient details about my big day:

We're getting married on July 13, 2013. (Ed. note: This will be 10 days after my birthday. The proximity of these two dates is not an excuse for a combo birthday-anniversary gift - cough - groom - cough.

We are getting married here. However! We are both from here and met here.

We will honeymoon in ... not sure yet. But the frontrunner is here.

Many other details are still TBD. Get excited!

how it happened