venue renovations at a most inconvenient hour

A few weeks ago I was taking an afternoon stroll through the Park spending too much money at Bergdorf's -- which happens to be conveniently located next to The Plaza -- and looked out the window to see my beloved hotel covered in ... scaffolding?!

A work in progress. Photo credit: New York Post

My heart sank. I haven't even called yet to see if it'll be down by July 13, but from the look of the extensive network of pulleys and metal, I think I already know the answer. I let myself feel sad for a minute and then realized that THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO. So honestly, what's the point in freaking out about it?

And look, it's not as if we're having an outdoor wedding immediately outside the building (sorry if that's a spoiler for anyone. I don't love the smell of horse poo, what can I say.) But I had been dreaming of a few photo setups with the hotel's lovely facade in the background. And as I told Mike yesterday, I'm disappointed that our guests won't be able to see the hotel in its full glory too, as that was a little bit of beauty that I was looking forward to having everyone experience.

But, look, there's a whole lot of beauty on the inside of that hotel as well (not to mention Mike in a tux, HOLLA) and I'm pretty sure that the best memories of the night won't be related to scaffolding. The outside of my venue has very little to do with what I hope will be a spectacular night for everyone.

And, today, a little bit of good news! No, sadly, they're not taking the scaffolding down for a one-night-only celebration of our nuptials. But they are covering the entire hotel in a hand-drawn cloth facsimile of the facade so that it's not any sort of an eye sore to tourists, people working in the area, and, you know, brides. It's actually pretty cool-looking. And leave it to The Plaza to go above and beyond standard renovation equipment to cloak the whole building in one-of-a-kind art.

I think it'll give our wedding photos that sort of film-noir, vibe, no? Maybe I should find a fedora for Mike to wear...

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