trip report: paris, day 4

trip report: paris, day 4

For part three, click here. By our last morning, I still hadn't managed to have one of my favorite dishes: a croque-monsieur. So, I did like any American and asked if the restaurant would serve me one at breakfast. Verdict? Mais, oui!


I'm still dreaming about this sandwich. Everything, from the cheese to the bread was perfection. Also regretting that I wasn't able to take down all four pieces of it. Next time.

After breakfast, we headed over to L'Orangerie, to see Monet's Waterlilies. In case you've never been, the museum is primarily just a home for these paintings. There are other exhibits, but if you just want to see these beauties, you can really be in and out in 20 minutes (as long as there's not a huge line outside).


Paris on Sundays is sometimes a little quiet, since many restaurants, boutiques and small businesses are closed. So, head's up if you're looking to buy a Goyard while you're there, DON'T WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY. Also, don't google the difference in price between Paris and New York when you get home. Recipe for heartbreak.

Anyway, one amazing restaurant that is open on Sundays is the highly-recommended Le Comptoir du Relais. They don't take reservations during the summer, I believe (unless you're staying at the attached hotel), so get there early unless you want to burn an hour or more in line. We arrived around 12PM and were seated right away, but by the time we left, the line stretched around the block.


To my delight, they were also serving chilled parmesan soup here as well, which was even better than the one at L'Ami Jean. In my (what?) spare time, this is a recipe I would love to tackle.


For dessert, we wandered around the corner to La Maison du Chou, which (only) makes freshly-filled cream puffs. I shouldn't need to say any more than that.10669018_897769420820_2133191446689536810_o

At this point, I knew that I was very close to my old school, but I couldn't quite remember what block it was on. But, my Spidey sense kicked in and I was able to lead us right to it!


#trincoll #pyramids for life.

Four days in Paris is too short, of course. Any amount of time in Paris is always too short. But, with some advance planning, good walking shoes and, of course, a very hearty appetite, you can certainly make a dent.

I'm already planning our next trip.



trip report: paris day 3

trip report: paris day 3