A screenshot from our Kiss the Bride video

"Your wedding has a music video!" is how my friend Beth put it.

Earlier this week, the fantastic crew from Kiss the Bride Films sent over our "teaser trailer" for our wedding film. Yup, our wedding has a trailer. #BAMF. You can watch it here. You can also read about how we chose our videographer in this post right here. But, side note, trailer-making is apparently a pretty common practice when you hire a videographer. So, we not that fancy.

I have been waiting very patiently (almost four months!) for our film so there were definite squeals of glee when we got the email with the link. We knew at the outset, however, that it would be about this long before we saw the footage: in addition to creating our trailer, the team is also working on a full-length, documentary-style movie about our big day. Other brides to be: if you're teetering on the fence about hiring a videographer, DO IT. Of course it's an additional expense, but I'm so happy to have memories of the day not only in picture form, but in video. Plus, the wedding day itself goes by in such a blur that we're actually seeing a lot of people and scenes for the very first time, which is a great surprise.

I'm also giving myself a pat on the back for the music choices, it was exactly what I wanted. In case anyone is wondering, we used three songs for the trailer:

Regina Spektor, Us 
Bloc Party, Modern Love
The Most Serene Republic, Content Always Was My Favourite

Kiss the Bride has told us that our full-length film is on its way! I can't wait to snuggle up with some hot chocolate, my hubby, our new shelves (more on that later!) and relive the magic.

newlywed chronicles: chapter 1

newlywed chronicles: chapter 1

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