the wedding purse

Dear Diary,

On Saturday, after I got my hair done at The Braid Bar for Alexa's amazing wedding, I had a little extra time to oggle the Judith Leiber clutch and minaudiere collection at Bergdorf's.

Now Diary, I'm not sure if you've been to the first floor of Bergdorf's  -- where they primarily stock their handbag and jewelry lines --  but it's rather magical. Although, considering you're my diary, I'm guessing you've probably spent a fair amount of time there trying on Smythson covers for yourself. The pink is a great look for you, by the way.

Anyway, I'm not a huge Leiber fan, ordinarily, but I am looking for a fun little bauble that doubles as a wedding clutch. And look, I appreciate the intricacy and the whimsy of her brand, but bags that are that small and that expensive generally make me a little nervous.

But, Diary, I didn't know until this weekend that Judith made a whole BRIDAL collection. I mean, I should have put it together since where else would Park Avenue brides find a teeny, weeny bejeweled box that's shaped like a poodle? Now, the animalistic route isn't really my bag (even the kitty!), but there, sitting on a high, mirrored shelf was my real spirit animal: the wedding cake bag.

I wish my blog had sound effects so you could hear the angels that sing when you see this in person.
DIARY! It's a bag, but it's SHAPED LIKE A WEDDING CAKE. And the interior is lined in blue kidskin leather, for your "something blue." Do you think that means I can't keep a tiny piece of cake inside the cake? Whatever, leather looks better with age, right? 

Just one small problem, Diary. My little jewel box clocks in at $6,995. I'm not sure what that amounts to by the square inch but I think that translates to ... a lot. 

While I was trying to figure out if I could sneak my jeweled cake box out of Bergdor'fs by swallowing it whole, the lovely Leiber man told me a story about another couple who got married at The Plaza recently. He said they came in a few days before their wedding day to look at purses (which means there actually are people that can pay $5,000 for a bejeweled poodle) and the bride-to-be was rather enamored by a particular minaudiere. However her fiance convinced her not to buy it, saying he wasn't in love with it [Sidenote: Mike having an opinion on any bag -- other than all of them being too expensive -- is hilarious]. Shockingly, she agreed to keep looking and the fiance threw a sidelong wink at Leiber man. Sure enough, an hour later he called back to have her bag boxed up and delivered to her hotel room at The Plaza for her to open up on the wedding day. 

Isn't that such a nice story, Mike -- I mean Diary? I just love surprises. And purses. 

In all seriousness, the lovely wedding cake is absurdly priced, but I'll be keeping an eye out for something similar at about one thousandth of the price. 



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