the wedding menu.

the wedding menu.

Friends! I haven't forgotten about you! But there's this little thing called Fashion Week in New York that happens twice a year (like going to the dentist but marginally more fun) and, unfortunately, many of my extracurriculars get pushed to the wayside until it ends. The end of that event dovetailed nicely with due dates for all of my articles, so, here we are quite a few days from the last post. Pardon, mes amis.
Now that we are more than two months out from the wedding date, I do want to assure you all that this blog will be morphing into something other than just mindless chatter about bridal tulle. It will be mindless chatter about other things, like TUILE cookies and why I love pot racks.
Speaking of food, I never had a chance to share our wedding day menu with everyone, so I figured since I'm STARVING right now, now is as good a time as ever.
As you may remember from our menu tasting day, we sampled many different dishes and from that bounty chose our favorites. Below is our actual menu that was placed in front of each guest. Print it out! It's a collector's item now!
While the bride and groom don't get to do too much eating (imbibing just takes a lot less time, 'K?) during their reception, I carved out a few minutes to snarf down my app and entree. Dessert I actually don't even think I saw? But I heard good things from guests who ate it. I mean, chocolate and mousse is generally as good of combination as me and ... cheese? Mike? My new pointy-toed heels?
Oh and chances of our slice of wedding cake making it until next July 13th? Slim.


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