the shoes.

Kate Bosworth and I have a lot in common:


Ah, forget it. I can't even jokey write about things we don't have in common and pretend like we're the same. I'm sorry my eyes are the same color, Vanessa Bruno. GOD.

So allow me a small pat on the back for pre-empting Kate on one valuable piece of wedding real estate: the wedding shoe.

To rewind for a minute: if you've been following the blog, you may remember the shoe hunt can be a taxing one (white girl problem say what). Spoiler alert: I did find some.

Were they the most comfortable slippers I've ever donned? Of course not. Unfortunately my bridal Uggs weren't bedazzled in time (that's the last time I ever use American children for labor), so they had to do. Surprisingly, I managed to keep them on for a good 13 hours before finally going barefoot for the rest of our reception. Testament to the Plaza's efficiency: my feet weren't even that dirty at the end of the night.

OK but back to Kate. The quicker readers will have surmised that yes, we wore the same shoes (!). You can see them in all their glory pictured above. Since I got married first, that means that Kate Bosworth copied my style. But I suppose it also means I have really, really excellent taste.

Also, for minute I got really excited because I got such a good deal on my pair; I figured there was no way she could have scored a similar deal. Then I realized that Tamara Mellon herself probably hand stitched these using only her toes, because, Kate Bosworth. (Ed Note: Fine, I know Tamara left the company in 2011, just allowing myself some creative liberty here.)

You win some, you lose some.

please and thank you