Oh shit!

Dear readers, I'd like to tell you a story:

The first time I went to Vegas I was 21 years old, had a sinus infection and was with ... my parents. Highlights included winning $200 off a $5 roulette bet and buying my first pair of J. Brand jeans, staring at the lion habitat at the MGM Grand and experiencing the all-you-can-eat crepe station at the Paris hotel. Lowlights included not being able to taste any of my sushi at Shibuya (see: sinus infection) and the aforementioned parents. Which isn't to say that my parents aren't delightful; they'd probably have a better time at Thunder From Down Under than I will. But, cool parents or not, Vegas with your family is quite the different excursion than Vegas with your GIRLZ.

Thus, for all intensive purposes, I am a Vegas virgin. Well, let's say I've been to first base, since I did eat REALLY well on the last trip and, in my book, that's absolutely part of the allure of Sin City. So, Vegas and I have made out, but Vegas and I have definitely not taken off our clothes together and I would much like to be naked with Vegas.

So, for about three days in March ... I'm going to be naked with Vegas. And 10 of my best friends going to be naked with me all weekend too. Debauched.

I wasn't ever planning on doing my bachelorette in Vegas, actually. But after discussing it with my bridesmaids and assorted other close friends, it just seemed like too much fun to pass up (Mike is twiddling his thumbs nervously right now). We're still working out the exact details of what type of nonsense we'll be engaging in, but we have just finalized our hotel!

All 11 of us will be bunking together at The Palazzo, which I hear is gorgeous and fun and full of amazing Vegas nakedness.

The Palazzo! 

Cliche or not, I am so effing excited for my bachelorette weekend in Sin City. More details to follow.


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