the after party.

Some of our handsome groomsmen.

Hi friends!

First things first: you may have noticed that I officially changed the URL. I'm a married woman! Shit!

What I didn't realize is that it now means any link that used the old URL is automatically defunct. Whoops. Hopefully I'll find a way to redirect traffic back to the new site, but in the meantime, do share this new URL with all of your favorite brides-to-be because I pretty much lost all (two) readers who I don't know in real life. There's a prize for whoever brings in the most new viewers.*

*A lie.

ANYWAY, we're wrapping up the final bits of the actual wedding day here at JGM JM headquarters. Lest you think I will talk about my wedding for the entirety of this blog's future, I am here to tell you that is not the case. But it'll probably be a few weeks months before I document everything I'd like to say. #sorryimnotsorry


The final event on our actual wedding day was our after party. Some of you may be familiar with this fairly new custom, but for those of you who are not, I will break it down for you: not ready to go to bed at midnight? Throw a second dance party!

Genius, no?

Now, some couples choose to forgo their own after party to -- ahem -- make things official, but many of our friends -- ourselves included -- want to keep the night going for as long as possible. We made a quick pit stop to change out of our formal wear (my wedding dress was not about to walk a block in sweltering July heat) and then headed over to Whiskey Park, where we'd reserved the back half of the bar for our debaucheries.

Note: we decided not to throw our after party at the Plaza itself because the bar closed at midnight and keeping it open was going to be a bit too expensive when we didn't have an accurate headcount. Plus, it wasn't such a bad thing to step outside and greet the city on our actual wedding night.

Unbeknownst to me, Mike's groomsmen had custom-made tee-shirts printed, a riff on this little blog right here. I love personalized tee-shirts and I love surprises, so this was beyond awesome. And aren't they all so handsome? They even made me one of my own, which I have been rocking at the gym fairly regularly.

The after party went by in even more of blur than the reception because by this point I allowed myself to actually have a cocktail or two ... or three. But it was great to do an immediate post-mortem with all of our nearest and dearest AND around 1 AM I got a text from my lovely friend Adrienne who found our writeup on The Times website. You can read about that process here.

I honestly think that we would have stayed there until sunrise; the adrenaline is so high immediately following your reception. But after last call we wandered back along the Park towards our hotel, holding hands, just the two of us. And that, my friends, was the night.

the minimoon.

the rehearsal dinner.