"shining, gleaming, streaming": wedding day hair

I don't have the best hand-eye coordination. I am, by no means, a klutz, but catching things (balls, babies, drifts) is not my forte. While on the whole this hasn't impacted my life much -- I played field hockey and lacrosse for the skirts and hair ribbons, not for eternal fame on the astroturf -- there is one skill that I do wish I could master: the french braid.

I sigh every time I see the perfection that is Jessica Simpson's mini-plait. I've watched YouTube videos, I've had my more dextrous friends try and teach me (in vain), but self-sufficient braiding still eludes me. For this reason, any time there's an event (publicists take note!) that offers braiding, I will be the first in line. When John Barrett's salon actually opened up a brick and mortar braid bar, it was almost as good as the time Groupon did a two for one deal on astronaut ice cream. Almost.

When I first started thinking about my wedding hair, my immediate thought was that I would obviously incorporate some sort of a braid into my 'do. I adore the look of that milkmaid/headband type updo; every girl needs a little bit of Mary Kate Olsen in her coiffure.

However, this line of thought led to this inevitable question: do I want to look like a milkmaid, MKO or both on my wedding day? As trendy and sweet as braids are right now, will they be the equivalent of huge, be-pearled puffed sleeves 30 years from now? The last thing I want to do is cringe every time I look at my wedding photos.

With that option ruled out though, I still knew I wanted my hair up rather than down. This is practical on a few levels:
1) My half-asian hair doesn't really love to hold a curl, even with half a can of Aquanet in it.
2) We're getting married in mid-July in Manhattan. Anything I can do to alleviate the evil heat even by a degree or two is a prudent move.

The search for my hairstylist is one I actually haven't embarked on at all, so more on that later.

I'll let you take a few seconds to catch your breath on that revelation.

Thankfully, for you, dear readers, I have been thinking about which kind of non-milkmaidy hairstyle will seem perfectly "me" on the big day. I'm picturing something slightly wavy and mussed-up in that way that European runway models seem to have down pat.

Not loving the flower, but the rest is fab.
I am also digging the idea of sort of a Grecian style headband, but again, is this going to seem hopelessly lame years from now? Peep Jamie King below, but delete the braid, bien sur. 

Final note: I do plan on having a veil, but won't be wearing it all night, so whatever 'do I do needs to withstand everything from that terrifying chair dance to (light) headbanging to Journey. 

I'll invite you to my wedding if you can find me the perfect updo?

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