remember, remember, the 13th of nov -- err, july

You know that expression "can't see the forest for the trees?" Probably at some point during your high school career, this was one of the things you debated alongside, "But what if MY color blue is different than YOUR color blue?

Anyway, wedding planning, with all its minutiae, might as well be the poster child for that aphorism. Can't see the dress for the tulle. Can't see the cake for the double chocolate fondant. Can't see the shoes for the -- oh my God, are those the bedazzled Louboutins?

It's very easy to get sidetracked. It's even easier to get sidetracked if you are so excited about every little detail of your nuptials that you've developed a severe-onset case of wedding-related ADHD. I hope and pray every day that the good people at Merck are working on a cure for this insidious disease. Until then, it's not unusual for me to bounce from talking about my save-the-date font to chocolate fountains to the virtues of no-foundation foundation. And obviously world peace too, but I'm thinking about that so much that I didn't feel it really necessitated a mention.

So, this brings us to my little life lesson for the day: don't be dumb about wedding planning. At this point, you might say, "But Juliet, you are freakishly thorough with your bridal lists and charts and Pinterest boards. Aren't you on top of everything?" Well, to answer that question, obviously I am. BUT. Even the alpha-females of weddings like myself are not immune to really dumb mistakes that happen when you totally and absolutely miss the big picture.

And how big was this picture I was missing? Our wedding date.

How many times have people asked me when I'm getting married? Hundreds? Have I ever said the wrong date out loud? Absolutely not. Have I ever even written the wrong date? Non. Was the date wrong on our save the date proof? Absolutely. Did either Mike or I notice? Nope.

Luckily this story has a happy ending, thanks to my dear friend Jordi who loves weddings and time management as much as I do. I sent her the proof to get her opinion and she writes back, "You know this says June 13 and not July 13, right?" Hmm, no I did not. Thankfully nothing had been set to the printer yet, so with the magic of art design, we had it fixed in minutes.

I suppose the moral here is twofold: see the forest AND the trees! And it's very helpful to have friends who know your wedding as well as you do. Sometimes even better.

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