put a ring on it

It says Mike. On my finger! 

Those of you who know me well know that I LOVE having favorite things. One of my favorite things is having favorite things.

My new favorite thing is monogramming or personalizing anything. In recent weeks I've gotten a tortoise shell necklace with my initials (very 70s) and have been drooling over duvets customized with lettering. Mike's not so keen on that idea, so I'll relegate that to my second master bedroom (the one in my head).

One personalized item that Mike does like very much is my new ring, pictured above. I stumbled across it on a mommy blog that I'm too embarrassed to link to, but I WILL share the site where you can buy your very own. Silver Promo has lots of fun stuff and it's all priced very reasonably, which goes back to today's earlier idea of saving money because you're broke planning your wedding.

At this point, if Mike were here, he would interject that saving money doesn't mean buying cheap new jewelry, it means not buying silly rings that you don't need. However, he's so tickled that I'm wearing his name on my finger every day, that I don't think he minds the (very minimal) expense.

I was originally going to get "Mike's Ho," but alas, it didn't fit.

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