Kids: the time is now.

I'm sitting here packing suitcases (plural, of course. One for this weekend and one for the minimoon) and simultaneously wondering where on Earth the last 20 months have gone. I'm a little overwhelmed, but I'm trying to take everything hour by hour. This weekend will only come once in my life and I want to make sure I'm not preoccupied with the little things when I could be enjoying the company of all my favorite people together in one place.

Is there more to do before Saturday morning rolls around? Sure, but we are about 6 inches from sliding into home. Honestly, the first time I wrote that I didn't mean for it to sound so dirty, but, whatever, now I'm leaving it. What I mean is, in the very near future -- mere HOURS -- everything will be out of our control. I've been to enough weddings to know that not everything will always go according to plan and that's OK. It makes for great anecdotes when you're celebrating your 75th anniversary.

So pardon me while I go radio silent for a few days, because, oh you know, we're GETTING MARRIED.


There are many aspects to both the planning process and the wedding that I didn't want to reveal beforehand (i.e. cake flavors! And, oh yeah, my dress.) so rest assured that even though the verb tense of the URL will no longer be applicable, you can check back here for updates post-July 13th. I'm thinking Juliet Done Got Married has a nice ring to it.

Thank you to everyone for following this journey so far and I'll see ya on the flipside.


we did it!

how we're choosing our wedding songs