Is that a scream of joy or terror escaping from my lips? You'll never know.



We're a month away from the wedding!

Last night, I woke up around 3 A.M. with my heart racing and my brain just repeating a mantra of "four weeks four weeks four weeks." [Ed. note: I guess I really have 30 days, but TRUST, we need 'em all] We've been engaged for SO long and the wedding has always felt like it was happening decades from the present day, so to wake up and suddenly find you're getting married NEXT MONTH is somewhat breathtaking. Each day seems to be speeding by quicker than the last; it feels like yesterday we were in a panic at the six month mark.

Everyone keep asking if we're excited and obviously the answer is yes, but there is a Mount Fuji of a to-do list between now and July 13th. The next month is kind of like our current Saturday morning routine: we wake up (sometimes too) early to make it to a morning spin session at the gym, in which we then curse the other for making us slave over and sweat on the bike for almost an hour. But then! After the gym? After the gym comes brunch. Maybe that means caramelized plantains with brioche french toast at Rosa Mexicano. Maybe it's our favorite turkey sausage egg wraps from Ciao for Now. It doesn't matter, the point is that brunch after hard workout is worth infinity fist pumps. To finally be able to sit down and dig into your giant breakfast burrito after knowing you gave your all at the gym is unimaginable bliss. So that's what we're striving towards right now. Workout after workout (both literal and figurative) to get to our brunch. The Plaza is a giant breakfast burrito. Extra chorizo.

Our current wedding fitness routine? Planning our program, finalizing all the songs for our ceremony, and, gulp -- once everyone gets their RSVPs back to us -- organizing the tables at the reception. I assuredly will dedicate a whole post to that last Herculean task.

Today I have made inroads on two important goals, however. Most important from a legal perspective, we have started the application for our marriage license! In New York, you can fill out the initial form online as long as you complete your application at City Hall within 21 days. The plan is to make it official on my birthday, July 3rd, which is exactly 20 days from now, so we'll squeeze it in just under the wire. Note that the license itself is only valid for 60 days; otherwise I obviously would have crossed this off of my master list, oh, 20 months ago.

Secondly, foul weather be damned, I'm meeting Lilian at The Plaza tonight to scout locations for the wedding day. I suppose this monsoon will keep us from venturing too far into Central Park, but there are enough spots within the building that are of interest that I think it'll keep us busy. I'm already practicing my princess wave for when I stand on the grand staircase and greet my fans.

dance lessons.

another reason why july 13th is the best day in the history of the world