of course i need a popsicle maker or: how to choose registry items

Mike and I, for the most part, have similar taste when it comes to decorating. By that I mean I'm not forcing him to live with a Sferra floral print quilt and he, thankfully -- and after many years of training -- understands the need to have a duvet and not the same polyfill comforter he used in the Phi Delt house. You know the kind I'm talking about. It has that clear plastic thread that unravels in the corner?

Anyway, I knew registering wasn't going to be like teeth pulling for the hubby-to-be. Mike was excited to help and I was sane enough to realize that I can't fault him for not getting quite as enraptured as I do over the amazing Kate Spade wedding frames I found. You can put your invitation and the photo in the same frame!

And I have to give him credit for reeling me in on a few occasions where perhaps my decorative eye got the best of me. I admit now that perhaps putting chicly distressed sewing machine wheels is maybe not the best use of our wedding guests' money. If someone wants to buy me one as a gift, however, you know where to find them.

So our first day of joint pointing and scanning was pretty fun. There were a few more masculine-type items (think drink shaker, bar kit, tools) that I wouldn't have thought to have added, but that Mike was pretty pumped to scan. And I found a lot of items by wandering around in person that I don't think I would have come across if I were doing everything purely on line.

I won't bore you with our whole list (although if you're looking for inspiration, you can see it here) but below are a few items that I think are must-scans for any New York couple like ourselves.


Dutch oven We were lucky enough to score one of these as an engagement present and it might be the best cooking piece we own now. Why? You can use it for pan frying (or deep frying for that matter) and then stick it straight into the oven. And because it has a lid, you can keep the leftovers right in the pot and pop into the fridge. One downside: this b*tch is HEAVY. Don't store it on a high shelf unless you want to make someone taller (i.e. Mike) pull it down for you every time.

All-Clad There are a ton of options for pots and pans. We decided to go with All-Clad because a) all the chefs I see on TV use them b) I really like the look of the steel; it's just sexy. I haven't actually received any of this yet, but my friends who own all give rave reviews.


Luggage If you're like me, you've had the same beat up carry-on since you were in middle school. Weddings are the perfect time to register for grown up luggage and you know you'll be using them soon ... honeymoon! We went with Victorinox because they were cheaper than their Tumi counterparts (although from the looks of it, they've raised their prices in the last six months).


Bedding I'd been in love with the white/gray/sand color palette that Restoration Hardware's been rocking for quite some time, so this was a pretty easy choice. And what better way to celebrate your marriage bed than by kitting it out with brand-new sheets?

And yes, I did put a popsicle marker on my registry. When it's 100 degrees and 100% humidity, everyone will be thanking me.

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