let's get some shoes


I am half Filipino, so I suppose there is a bit of Imelda-level shoegasming in my blood, but offer me the choice between a pair of Louboutins and a sleek new Prada bag and I'll go for the latter every time. I'm hoping that this scenario isn't purely hypothetical, by the way. I really would love for you to offer me any number of accessories.

At this point, I have thought a little bit about wedding shoes, but they definitely were not the focal point of my wedding accoutrements during my earlier daydreams. Being slightly vertically challenged, it was out of the question to do flats, even though I know no one will see my feet. My mother brought up the point that since no one will see my feet, wouldn't it make sense just to wear something pretty basic and somewhat comfortable? I mean, yes, if I were a normal person. But pretty sure we've crossed the Rubicon on that front.

Originally, I dreamt of snagging a pair of bridal-specific Louboutins because they come with a blue heel. Isn't that just too perfect? On later reflection, however, I have decided that it is, in fact, maybe just a little too perfect and too twee for me. Also, if I'm dropping big bucks on a pair of shoes, white satin probably isn't the best way to go. I challenge anyone to name me an occasion other than my wedding day when I could legitimately get away with wearing bright white peep toes that does not involve a pole and/or Pamela Anderson.

With white heels crossed off the list, I'm now leaning more towards something sparkly. I'm not talking 8th Street between Fifth and Six sparkly, but, you know, like Perry St. sparkly. Tasteful sparkles. Is that like saying healthy carbonara? So far, I'm really loving these Jimmy Choos I tried on at the so-big-it-has-its-own-zip-code shoe department at Saks. They were surprisingly comfortable, due to the little platform in the front. I'm also thinking a peep toe rather than a slingback will stay more secure during the epic, epic, dancing that is sure to take place. And see? It's West-Village style-sparkle, not weird-block-of-hooker-stores-sparkle.

The best part about these is that I really could wear them after (and before!) the wedding, therefore fixing the earlier Pam Anderson conundrum. 

As any diligent bride-to-be knows, you need your shoes before your first dress fitting, but since my dress isn't arriving until about eight weeks before the big day, I have plenty of time to find my perfect pair of peep toes. After doing some preliminary research on ideal height by testing out all varieties of shoes (being an events editor CAN come in handy!), I'm thinking somewhere around four inches will make me tall enough to feel glamorous without forcing me to hobble my way through the macarena. KIDDING. I've been walking in stilettos since I realized I missed out on a puberty growth spurt and I don't even know what the macarena is. 

Anyone have any recommendations for awesome bridal shoes?

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