kate spade's fabulous bridal collection

Hi friends!

Quick tidbit here. Have you seen all the fun things Kate Spade does for brides?

I have a much longer post on one item in particular, but come back later for that one.

In the meantime, look at this!

This is the sort of item that I tell Mike I absolutely MUST HAVE in time for our honeymoon. Then he asks why I need a passport holder when I am already in possession of one. And I tell him that I don't have THIS SPECIFIC PASSPORT HOLDER which was designed ESPECIALLY FOR BRIDES LIKE ME who appreciate fine travel and also leather goods. At this point he would probably go back to his game of chess on his iPad.

If I'm feeling particularly annoying, I will then show him this.

He will tell me that I already own multiple Kate Spade makeup cases, which he already finds ridiculous enough. But! This one is clear, which means that I can bring it ON THE PLANE. Also, in case there is any doubt, I can make Mike hold it in his lap so that everyone knows he now belongs to me.

It is really so much fun being engaged to me because I have never even heard of the phrase high-maintenance.

the dress fitting: episode 1

dear bridal party,