juliet is married.


You GUYS. We both put a ring on it and now we are married.

My head is still a jumble of emotions, even 9 days later, so apologies if this post gets a bit rambly and non-sensical.

As a married woman for almost a week and a half, I can tell you that things are both different and exactly the same. As you may know, Mike and I have been living together for quite a few years now, so I don't think our daily routine has changed significantly (other than Mike constantly playing with his new piece of finger jewelry). But it is certainly different to not have a massive black-tie event looming in the future.

You may surmise -- I did write a whole bleeping blog about it -- that there's a bit of a vacuum in my head post-wedding planning. In the last few days, when it felt like thousands of paths were simultaneously converging onto one giant Autobahn of wedding, it is safe to say that most of our waking hours not spent at the office were dedicated to all the little bits and bobs of planning. So yeah, it's weird that it's all over. It's weird that we spent 20 months organizing and fretting and getting excited for ONE night.

But, unless you're planning a sweet Indian wedding that lasts for like a week, this is how it goes and at the end you're married. I have a husband. This is also weird and I have yet to say the word "husband" without collapsing into fits of giggles. But I also can't put into words how giddy I feel when I look down at Mike's finger and see a WEDDING RING on it.

I'm simultaneously in disbelief, in relief (planning can take its toll even on the hardiest of brides, my friends), happy, exhausted and everything in between.

You may be wondering, how WAS it? Well, that too is pretty hard to put into words. But from my point of view, I'd say it was pretty spectacular. But -- and I think a lot of brides will probably tell you this -- it's difficult to actually focus on the moment when you're in it. It goes by in a big, colorful, wonderful blur.

Also: this is not goodbye! Rest assured that everything from the wedding day will be documented here over the next few weeks. After that? I might have a few more tricks up my sleeve...*

*And NO, that does not mean a royal baby is imminent.

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