invites through the ages

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I am, as devoted readers may know (hi, Mom), really into monograms. When we were designing our save the dates (which you can read about here), one of the elements I knew I wanted to include was a cartouche. Isn't that just a fun word to say? Sometimes I'll call Mike my little cartouche (in my head). Pretty much any fun thing I see on TV I end up calling Mike. My little Treehouse Master. My little extra-crispy boneless chicken wing. Secretly he likes it.

Anyway, it turns out that I'm not the only Izon who loves cartouches. Above is my paternal grandparents wedding invite. Notice anything familiar in the center? That's right: my Lolo and Lola had  their very own cartouche, which Lolo Izon, being the professional artist that he was, designed himself. The even cooler part? Their last name initials are the same as mine and Mike's. I'm so happy my Dad dug this up a few months ago and even happier that, unknowingly, we carried on a family tradition.

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