huffington post part deux

Happy Oscars Day, everyone!

I'm multi-tasking right now: oggling J. Law's Dior gown, sending out emails about my impending bachelorette party,  and even updating you lovely readers on my latest HuffPo piece, which went live over the weekend.

There is an absolutely delightful story behind this post, which -- once the smoke clears -- I'll be happy to share with you. For now, just know that Mike is perhaps the must understanding fiance in the entire universe and I love him very much.

Anyway, if you want to read why I'm planning on keeping my current last name, please click here for the article in all its glory. And if you want to read why I'm self-absorbed, headed for inevitable divorce, and have never said anything anyone has or ever will care about, please, please read the comments. Last I checked there were 294 and maybe 290 appear to be angry men who say they would never marry me. So, score?

favorite things: beach-wavy hair edition

wait, YOU'RE getting married?