how we're hashtagging the wedding

Maybe we could hashtag our cookies?

I have, after some consternation, now fully embraced social media. I was always on board with the idea of Facebook (it's possible I was pondering my profile picture before the website even arrived on Trinity's campus), but it did take me a bit longer to weigh the merits of the Twitters, Instagrams and Foursquares of the world. I have to say, I still don't understand the last of that group and I find Foursquare updates on my Twitter and Facebook probably the most annoying of them all. Unless you are "checking-in" on Mount Everest or The Olympics, I don't care where you are eating. Posting a photo, now THAT'S a different story. I will ogle anyone and everyone's food pictures, much to Mike's chagrin.

Anyway, the point is now that I'm down with the majority of social media, there are some real benefits as they relate to wedding events. During my bachelorette party, many of my friends used the hashtag #julietsgettingmarried (wonder where they came up with that?) on our Twitter and Instagram updates. Now, for those of you who have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, a quick tutorial. Hi Mom.

On Twitter and/or Instagram, when you use a number sign ("#") immediately followed by words, it makes a clickable link. You can write whatever you want, but certain phrases are deemed to be "trending" when multiple people hashtag the same words. Par exemple,  many TV shows create particular hashtags fans can use while watching. By searching for the tags, you can engage with other watchers real time. It's adorkable.

Now, for my bachelorette, this was handy because I could search for my tag on Instagram and every photo with that hashtag showed up, regardless of if it was one that I took or one of my friends. It was a great way to be able to scroll through all the (legal) photos taken that weekend and I belieeeeve the life of a hashtag is infinite. Someone tell me if I'm wrong about that though. We used the same hashtag for my shower with similar success.

For our wedding, however, I guess Mike should be included. Over the last few days, we've been debating various portmanteaux of our last names and so far the front runner is #lewzon or #lewzonwedding. I'm not totally sold on it, but it's short and distinct enough that I don't think we'd be in the crosshairs of another Lewzon hashtag. The closest one would be the Filipino island, but even that is spelled Luzon.

You may wonder how we're planning on disseminating this during the big day. Actually, you probably didn't! But it doesn't matter because I'm telling you anyway: I think we're going to print the hashtag on the inside of each of our escort cards, so everyone will see it. This also means we don't have to print something out separately just for our social media needs. Because I may love me some Instagrammed photos of mac and cheese, but letter-pressed hashtag cards might take it a bit too far.

If anyone else has grand ideas for a hashtaggable phrase though, throw 'em at me.

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