how we're choosing our wedding songs

The O.G.: Handel.


No, really. I have spent way too much time in the past few weeks stressing about our processional and recessional songs for the ceremony. And do you know how many people will remember them, oh, 30 seconds after they're played? One, maybe two if Mike's on the ball.

Deep breaths are an important part of wedding planning, friends. Keep everything in perspective.

Anyway, now that our programs are finally completed and we've delivered our set list to the band for the reception, let's talk music.

If you're having a fairly traditional wedding, you'll need to choose the following songs for your big day:


- Processional (for the bridal party)
- Bride's processional (you get a special song!)
- Recessional (what everyone walks out to)


- Entry song (what gets played when you sashay into the room)
- First dance
- Father/daughter dance (this may also be mother/son)
- Cake cutting song (I was unaware this was a thing until about a week ago)

If I can give you one piece of advice, don't stress about any of these. Mike and I don't have "our" song and that's fine. We picked a first dance song that we thought most people would know and we thought was romantic and that's damn good enough for us. I had my dad pick out our father/daughter song, and, as he has impeccable taste (also, he's a musician), I couldn't be happier with that selection as well.

In terms of ceremony music, we ended up with a mix of classical and contemporary. Everything will be played by a string trio, so it's all instrumental. I think this will lend everything a very romantic and sweet air, which is what I was aiming for. I mean, what I really wanted a strings version of Blurred Lines, but, I don't know, the high notes just didn't transfer.

If you're having trouble picking ceremony songs, I suggest spending some serious time on YouTube. Not only are there thousands of compilations of the best traditional/nouveau pieces for weddings, but many string quartets put up their versions of classics so people can hear how they sound live. You can find your perfect recording and deliver it to your musicians so you know exactly what it'll sound like on the big day.

Some of my personal classical favorites:

Trumpet Tune in D
Hornpipe from Water Music
The Prince of Denmark's March

Happy hunting!


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