Inside these hallowed walls are a groom's worst nightmare.

Before I got engaged, I would say that the registry and the subsequent wielding of that registry gun was maybe the topic most highly discussed between my friends and me. Once again, I blame years upon years of Sex and the City indoctrination. I can recite that scene about choosing a china pattern disturbingly from memory.

Apart from our love of HBO, talking about food, making food and buying accoutrements to make said food is a more or less a secondary occupation for myself and my college friends. "I can't wait until I'm engaged so I can register for that Le Creuset dutch oven," one of us would happily sigh while the others contemplated: do I want the aubergine or sunburst? [Sidenote: is this what guys talk about? Substituting cars for ovens? Engaged for "super sweet brah?"]

The biggest surprise about starting my registry was how early we actually had to start wielding that mythical gun. I just assumed that a few months before our wedding, we'd head to Bloomies, scan in about 500 plates and Kitchen-Aid appliances in pink and that would be that. Not to belittle the gargantuan task of requesting gifts, but I honestly thought I had over a year before embarking on the presents path.

This was not so.

About two days after we got engaged, we started getting phone calls, mostly from friends of our parents.

"We looked for your registry. We couldn't find it. Are you guys not registered yet?"

Even I, the queen of nuptial planning was blown away. We need to register for engagement presents? I mean, OK. Twist my arm.

First round of registering I actually did online, which I don't recommend. Unless you know exactly what you want, it's so much better to be in the store, inspect that salad spinner and, duh, get to use the gun. I ended up putting like six wok pans in different sizes on my list until I went in to Williams Sonoma and had a friendly store person show me the light.

Ok so on to the actual reason for this post: where to register.

Quick diversion and insider tip (sad but true): There is NO BERGDORF'S BRIDAL REGISTRY. Or if there is, I'm not allowed to be on it. They have a bridal department  -- which is very lovely and I'll write all about that at some point -- but apparently no registry. Find somewhere else to add all your John Derian platters.

Mike and I decided on three spots to register. We may end up adding one or two more as the date draws closer, but as of now, I'm pretty happy with our selection.

First up: Williams Sonoma. Mike and I are huge foodies and love to cook. This was a no brainer. The staff there was incredibly helpful and narrowed down my list of All-Clad to something that made more sense for a New York apartment rather than the prep kitchen at Babbo.

For more decorative pieces, we went with Bloomingdale's because the selection there is both expansive and caters to wide range of prices. Plus, it's great that the same store can have everything from our Kate Spade china pattern to carry on luggage.

Finally, Restoration Hardware was our pick for bedding and towels. A lot of our curtains, couches and various objets d'art (I'm only writing that last one to annoy Mike) are already from there so the color palettes match up. Also almost everything they make looks like it comes straight out of Architectural Digest, so your apartment will automatically look awesome.

Want to see the finished product? Check out our actual (!) registry here.

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