how we celebrated: new york bridal shower edition

Our custom cookies, made by the fabulously talented Liz Bresler of Gotham Cookies.

Nothing quite prepares you for the amount of parties you experience upon getting engaged. There's an engagement party, followed maybe by another celebration if your family is mostly from out of town. You'll have a bachelorette, a shower or showers, a rehearsal dinner, and then, obviously your wedding reception.

Being a summer baby, I never celebrated my birthday at school and I haven't had an actual birthday party since I turned about 23. My friend Stacey, who was born the day before I was, and I threw ourselves quite the fete at Cain (rest in peace) and spent the majority of the night dancing along to live African drummers. This is was 2008, it was what you did. It's also OK to be jealous that you weren't there.

Anyway, I have to say that it's been pretty fun being the center of attention at all these big events (shut it, Mom and Mike, I know you're thinking snarky things right now). I'm certainly making up for a few missed birthday parties.

With some of my beautiful bridesmaids.

My latest event was my New York bridal shower last weekend and I finally had enough time to pull together some of my favorite photos to share with everyone. Mike's amazing mother Bonnie, sister Allie, sister-in-law Laurie, aunt Judy and cousin Melanie all put their heads together for an intimate, thoughtful and, most important, FUN bridal shower at Mel's rocking pad on the Upper East Side.

Our afternoon started off with passed hors-d'oeuvres and lots of squeals.

Sliders and Hermes china. There is no better combination.

We then sat down to an awesome seated lunch.

Sliders, quesadillas, crab cakes, shrimp and curried chicken salad.

I love nothing more than little bites, so an entire plate of them was pretty much my dream meal. While everyone went to work at a crossword puzzle custom-made by Allie all about yours truly, we feasted on dessert. (Side note, does any of have pics of this? I forgot to take any!)

Part one was cupcakes from Two Little Red Hens
Part two was my absolute favorite pastry, Laduree macarons.

After lunch, we had the grand opening of presents, accompanied by champagne cocktails, of course.

Getting to work. 
Gorgeous lingerie, thanks to Lizzie.

Everyone took home a sampling of four cookies from my dear friend Liz's new company, Gotham Cookies. She let me help pick the flavors (woohoo!): snickerdoodle, cookies and cream, caramel apple pie and white chocolate raspberry. Everyone: these are the best cookies I have ever tasted and I do NOT say that lightly. Please check out her website and -- wedding diet or not -- I highly recommend you hire her for your next big event or just when you need to feel really happy. Because, that's what butter does, it makes you feel loved from the inside.

And, at the very end, a surprise visit from the groom to be.

He brought a lovely bouquet.

Thank you, everyone, for celebrating with me and many thanks to Mike's spectacular family, who I am so excited to call my own in a few short months (not that I don't already). It was such a special day and I am overwhelmed by my friends' generosity and kindness. You are all truly amazing women.

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