how mike found his tux shirt

I'm sorry this Insta filter is terrible. But he looks cute.

I LOVE a man in a tux. I love a man in a bow tie, in fact. Probably weekly I ask Mike to consider wearing one to the office every day. He is not so much a fan of this, but he will happily don a true bow tie for our black-tie fetes. The above picture was taken at Alexa and David's glamorous wedding at Tribeca Rooftop earlier this year and was the inaugural wearing of Mike's new tux shirt.

You may ask why I need to dedicate a whole post to Mike's accordion-pleated formal wear. Although, at this point, you should understand no minutiae is too small to escape the searing eye of this blog.

Mike's tux shirt gets its own blog post because he had it custom-made and I think that's cool. It was not for lack of trying to find a ready-to-wear version in stores though. We went everywhere from Bergdorf to Theory to Bloomingdales and everything was uniformly too billowy or long. Finally, on one of our weekend strolls through the West Village (I'm guessing we were on our way to Big Gay Ice Cream, since we are always on way to Big Gay Ice Cream), we passed by the preppy-chic little shop of Doyle + Mueser. The boutique carries some pre-made items like button downs and mackintoshes and fancy umbrellas, but primarily deals in bespoke clothing for men. Half of the designing duo, Jake Mueser, was there when we peeped in and had Mike sold within minutes on a custom tux shirt. We were able to pick out the fabric, fit, detailing and monogram, so the finished product is more or less entirely to your specifications. Plus, they keep your measurements on file, so if Mike wants to go in to have a blazer or another shirt made, all it takes is a call to the shop.

Within weeks it was ready and Mike took it out for a test drive at the above wedding. I think he looks pretty spiffy, no?

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