how it happened

Aww, make out city.

Unlike Jonah Lehrer, I'll note here that this is swiped from our wedding website. But I think I did such a good job of writing it the first time it would be unwise to mess with perfection:

"Even though they had been dating for three-plus years when they got engaged, Mike managed to surprise Juliet absolutely and completely when he finally got down on one knee. For those of you who know Juliet well, this was especially masterful on Mike's part. 
Mike proposed on an especially gorgeous fall day. The duo had been gorging themselves on grilled cheese and BBQ at Smorgasburg, a popular outdoor food festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and were just heading back into Manhattan when Mike suggested they walk by their soon-to-be home in Greenwich Village. After some slight grumbling on Juliet's part, they agreed to walk from Union Square to their new abode, animatedly chattering about all the food stalls they didn't hit and would have to try the next weekend. If you know either of them, this is pretty standard conversation. 
Once arrived at their corner of the universe, Mike took the opportunity to say very many lovely things, which, to maintain an air of mystery about this relationship, we shall keep private. This secrecy may also help Mike not to be the target of every joke during fantasy football season. 
However it didn't strike Juliet that Mike was actually proposing until he got down on one knee, right there on West 10th Street. She immediately said yes (something she doesn't even remember in the flurry of excitement but about which Mike is quite relieved) and Mike swooped her up in his arms. The only witness to this act -- apart from the ubiquitous pigeon population -- was a man on his way to mail some boxes. He, of course, stopped to take in the whole scene before asking, "Was that for real?" He was assured, that yes, it absolutely and completely was. 
After the couple excitedly rang friends and family, Mike had one more surprise in store for his future bride. He whisked her away to none other than The Waverly Inn, where over three years ago, they had their very first date. It was there that they toasted to their future together and smiled so hard both their faces hurt the next day." 

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