how i got a great deal on my bridal shower dress

Proper curtsey formation.

Yup, I'm devoting a whole post on the dress I wore to my DC bridal shower. If you'd like to walk away right now, you can, but YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU'LL MISS.


My sister is the ultimate bargain hunter, but I'd like to think that I have made her proud with this latest purchase. A few months ago, I was browsing the super sample sale rack next to Andrej Pejic at one of my favorite East Village boutiques, Pas de Deux, and came upon a dirty Carven dress with a broken zipper. But even in its street-urchin state I could tell it had once been a gorgeous frock. I elbowed dear Andrej out of the way of the dressing room and slipped it on. It was probably two sizes too big, but, because I am stubborn to the point of pathological, I figured I could gain enough weight between then and my shower to make it work.


It seemed to me that it would be easy enough to take in the sides to make it snug and shockingly, it wasn't too long, so bonus points to Carven's team of designers for helping out us petites. I asked the appropriately-snarling shop employee if he thought the zipper could be fixed easily. He responded with a shrug, which, in boutique language means "TOTALLY!"

So I plunked down $90 bucks and immediately brought the dress to my favorite tailor, Tatyana Cleaner, who is partially my favorite tailor because he used to be KATE MOSS' tailor. There's even a signed picture of her on the wall. In about 30 seconds he pinned the dress and told me that we wouldn't even have to replace the zipper. A few days later I was in possession of the finished product, which fit like I was born in it and was happily free of any stains.

The best part: the original price of the dress? $950 bucks! You may bow down to me as the queen of steals.

dear bridal party,

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