friday surprise: wedding-themed mini cupcakes

Baked by Melissa and weddings. My head is exploding.

Happy Friday, everyone! According to my (Cartier) wedding countdown clock, we are 78 days away from the big day. Ergo, we are 17 days away from sad panda Juliet, otherwise known as no-dessert Juliet otherwise known as ... erghhh can't think of anything witty. Sugar high.

Yes, until then, I am celebrating my adoration of refined sugar, white flour and caramel in many forms. My latest find is Baked by Melissa's WEDDING-THEMED cupcakes. It may have become apparent over the last few months that I do have a bit of a soft spot for anything nuptial-themed. See: blog. So, yes, there were many squeals ("Frosting!" "Miniature things!") when these arrived at my office this morning. And, of course, shout out to Alison Brod PR for the lovely gift.

You may ask why these are specifically wedding cupcakes. I shall tell you: BBM has divided the flavors into four categories, something old, new, borrowed and blue. Old is their flavor "Sooo Baked" and no, there's not weed in it. New is the current mini of the month and for April it's French Toast. Borrowed is Melissa's Wedding Cupcake, which has the whitest frosting and cake I've ever seen in a dessert. It's like Khaleesi's hair. Finally blue is bright cerulean cake with Bavarian cream stuffing.

If you're unfamiliar with the line, each cupcake is only about the size of a quarter, so you really don't feel that guilty eating one or two or 14. They now have 11 standalone stores in the New York area and I do believe they can now ship nationwide. See the precious bubble packaging in the above photo.

The best part? The cupcakes came with stickers and faux tattoos! Party at my place tonight. Bet you wish you weren't on your bachelor party this weekend, huh, Mike.

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