final countdown: one year to go!

Well, perhaps final is a little too strong of a word, but we've reached the year mark! Exactly 365 days from today on July 13, 2013, I'll actually be walking down the aisle.

Everyone tells you when you get engaged that the months whizz by faster than Kim and Kris' blip of a marriage. Not that I didn't believe my friends when they shared this advice, but lordy, it really is true. October feels like just a few weeks ago but in reality we've already been enfianced for a whopping 265 days. Which means that I've looked down at my ring and daydreamed about my wedding an approximate 2,650 times ... today.

Do I feel any stress rising as the days start to fly off my (kittens-in-basket-themed) calendar? To be honest, not really? I made it a priority to line up our big vendors (venue, band, photographer and videographer) within the first few months of our engagement. That left me with -- what I hope is -- more than enough time to pick our other vendors (invites, flowers, hair and makeup, rent-a-shiba-inu puppy) while still having time to enjoy the whole process.

In fact, as a still relatively newly-engaged gal, that would probably be my one gem of knowledge to any other brides. Enjoy your engagement period. There is so much excitement, love, daydreaming and cake tasting during these months; don't be so worried about locking in your eyelash extension lady that you forget to revel in the delicious engagement glow. I'm still waking up most mornings with a stupid grin on my face just thinking about all the revelry ahead.

So tonight, Mike and I will raise a glass to next year, to each other, and to our family and friends. Also also perhaps a secondary glass to sushi, as we're checking out this awesome joint.

Sidenote: I've had so many handsome men and gorgeous lady friends get engaged in the past few weeks, so a HUGE congrats to everyone. Let me know if anyone wants to do a guest post!

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