favorite things: the mascara edition

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Does anyone else haaaate waterproof mascara? It doesn't matter how many times I rub the sh*t out of my eyelids, I always wakeup the next morning with dark stuff under my eyes. I'm convinced it multiplies like some sort of microscopic alien. If this were 1997 and I were Kate Moss I would just roll with the smudges because, hey, heroin chic. AND if wearing waterproof mascara to bed meant that I would wake up 15 pounds skinnier and with a charming British accent, I'd be down for that too. Alas, alack, such is not the case. 

You may be asking why this is at all related to weddings, well hold on, 'cause imma tell you: One of the more annoying things people say about wedding makeup is that you "better  wear waterproof mascara because, watch out for those tears!" Ok, first of all, that's just a dorky thing to say, so stop saying it. Secondly, waterproof mascara is never really waterproof. It just smudges in a more annoying way that is 100% more difficult to remove. 

There are two solutions to this problem. The first is wearing false lashes, which I will definitely be doing on the actual wedding day. Unfortunately, without my own personal makeup person to apply said lashes every morning, I have to save such Kardashian-like extravagances for major life events, i.e. nuptials and tonight's Trufflepalooza dinner at Locanda Verde

The second solution: Fiberwig mascara. I discovered this a few years ago and kind of forgot about it after it ran out. But while drinking lots of wine at Sun WineFest this past weekend, I may or may not have drunk-bought a few items at the Sephora that's located inside the casino. And friends, my rekindling with Fiberwig was earth-shattering. 

The reason why this mascara is superior to all others is twofold: One, the actual product forms a tube around the lash, making them look ridiculously long without ever clumping. Two, the same tube-like structure slides off your lashes when you remove with water, leaving no residue behind. This is both fun and much less harsh on your skin. 

Simply put, now that Fiberwig and I have been brought back together, no man can tear us asunder. Well, maybe Mike. 

Just go buy it. 

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