favorite things: beach-wavy hair edition

OK, first off, has everyone already seen this video?

Now, onto good hair.

About a year ago, I was the lucky recipient of Sarah Potempa's BEACHWAVER, a clip-less and motorized curling iron. Editor's note: If you are one of the few men reading this (Hi Mike, Max, Behzad and Dad), it's OK if your eyes are glazing over. It's actually probably OK if you stop reading right now. And for making it this far, here's a link to Kate Upton's website.

Now back to curls. For as girly as I am, this was actually my very first curling iron. And much in the same way that buying my first ceramic flat-iron was pretty revolutionary (I'll only say this once during this post: I am aware we're not talking about world peace here, 'k?), the Beachwaver has been pretty life-changing. Even someone who's not incredibly hair-literate like myself can learn to use this in about 5 minutes.

This particular Beachwaver 'do is even immortalized in a frame.

The key is that the Beachwaver actually does all the work for you. Since it's motorized, you simply click which direction you want it to spin and then let it do its magic. Just don't be stupid and spin it all the way to your scalp. Other than that, it's pretty fool-proof and the result is Jessica Chastain-worthy bouncy curls. I'll use it in the morning, not put any product in my hair and it still looks fantastic at the end of the night. And since my hair doesn't really hold much of a curl just from blow-drying alone, I get much better results from this than Drybar, meaning I'm saving precious wedding dollars! And by saving I mean that I'm buying tubes and tubes of cookies from Beurre and Sel because, chocolate.

Anyway, if you want to look like one of those girls you see out at places like El Toro Blanco or Chez Sardine who wear that super red lipstick and always have perfect curls and the Celine bag but in a color you've never seen, this is your first step. And there's always Bag, Borrow or Steal for the Celine.

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