carats and cake


Who says that daydreaming about weddings has to end when you walk down the aisle? My lovely friend Lindsay recently introduced me to Carats and Cake, a site I dearly wish I'd had when planning my own nuptials.

The premise is super simple: after the wedding, brides upload up to 20 of their favorite photos and each one can be tagged with 1-2 vendors. For engaged girls, it's an excellent way to see your potential vendors in action (the amount of chuppah variation is mind-boggling) and for already-marrieds, it's pretty neat to see how your venue can look when someone else is calling the shots. Yeah, that's the word. Neat.

You can check out my page here and as always, I am more than happy dying to answer any questions about my vendors. Tweet me, in fact!


the wedding video.

the dress reveal