bridal panties!

My new favorite undergarment. Photo:

Some people have a real aversion to that word, so, PANTIES.

Over the weekend I did a bit of snooping into wedding lingerie. I explored the high (La Perla) and the low-ish (Victoria's Secret) and, depending on your taste and your budget, you can STILL look like a hooker in a thousand dollar bra or actually find pieces that are rather tasteful in the bridal section at Vicky's. Rather being the key word, there. There's still a plethora of thongs with "BRIDE" spelled out in pink jewels.

But anyway, I'm looking for bridal-specific bras and pretty little underthings because my mother is fond of all of the old-school wedding traditions. Case in point: she keeps asking me if I've found my "reticule" yet. I will give you a thousand dollars if you knew what that was without Googling (Mom, you don't count). Along the same lines, she's been telling me how important it is for a lady to have a proper trousseau, which includes a peignoir (again, $1000 bucks on the table), bras, underwear, my own hand maiden, Khaleesi's dragons, et. al.

Lingerie may not be my favorite item to shop for, but I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised. So surprised that I even made myself a registry at La Perla. It is mostly for the benefit of my mother (also, HI MIKE!), but if any of you lovely readers want to bestow a present on yours truly, it's under my name at the Soho store. Great!

However, not every pretty little undergarment needs to come with a price tag like La Perla's. In fact, the most flattering piece of bridal lingerie I have found so far came from none other than Madewell. They've collaborated with one of my favorite lines, Honeydew, to create very delicate and COMFORTABLE bra and undie sets in a whole range of colors. I treated myself to the ivory set, because, shopping. And it wasn't nearly as expensive as the cat-fur robe I tried on at Agent Provacateur.

The online site doesn't seem to have everything in stock, but the store on lower 5th Avenue had every size and color. If you have bridal showers coming up, these would make great gifts for your gal pals.

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