and we're back!

After a wonderful 10-day sojourn to the land of herring, Crown Princess Victoria, and Acne Jeans, Mike and I are back stateside. I suppose you could call our trip a test-honeymoon? Can that be a real thing now? Cool. 

The good news? We can spend hundreds of uninterrupted hours together and still return engaged; a few tears notwithstanding (Copenhagen bicycle trip, more details later). The bad news? I think my desire for a Swedish country house has crossed over from the realm of want into the ominous territory of need. Did you know Sweden has the world's cutest sheep? 

A few interesting tidbits about Scandinavian marriages I learned whilst abroad:

Apparently the marriage rate there is shrinking by the day. They make it so easy to have civil partnerships that many people just aren't bothering with the fuss of legally tying the knot. Perhaps I'm more American than I thought. 

Crown Princess Victoria got to get married here:

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