juliet's big list of makeup and skincare for the busy mom

juliet's big list of makeup and skincare for the busy mom

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Just because you have children doesn't mean you stop being vain! 

And, since post-baby I'm definitely getting less sleep and hydrating far less than I should, a good skincare routine is even more important. Sadly, I don't have an hour or two each night to devote to developing my ultimate K-beauty routine. Instead, I've sought out the products that get me results in the littlest amount of time. I'm talking double-duty cleansers, mascara that never runs -- anything that saves me precious minutes so I can watch more of The Crown after the little darling is in bed. Below are products I use on a daily or weekly basis, so I stand behind them fully:

Cleanser: Juice Beauty 2-in-1

I'm a bit late to the world of toners, but I have come around to their value. Essentially, they tone (duh) the skin in preparation for applying serums and moisturizers. This cleanser is wonderful because it a) gets my face squeaky clean and b) negates the need for a toner, thus saving me time. There's also Vitamin-C and grapeseed inside, which combats signs of aging. AND, it's organic.

Moisturizer: Trish McEvoy Even Skin Vitamin C Cream

This is another wonderful double-duty product. As a moisturizer, it fades uneven pigmentation (that's one of the strengths of vitamin C), reduces the appearance of fine lines, and increases skin's elasticity. But you can ALSO use it as a primer, thus (you guessed it) saving time! FYI: it does tingle a bit, like many vitamin C products.

Primer: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

But sometimes, I really need a primer. When time is tight, this product is excellent for a degrease-and-SPF one-two punch. When I have more time, I put it on post-moisturizer and before foundation for that poreless look.

Daily Sunblock: Glossier Invisible Shield

Sunblock can be tricky: it's often a little too gloppy or leaves my skin oily. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect day cream with a high SPF. Until then, I've fallen in love with this product, which is SO light and easy to put on over a regular (non-SPF) moisturizer. If I have time for nothing else in the morning, I always slap this on before I step outside.

Tinted Moisturizer: NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

Moisturizer, foundation, and SPF all in one. I have tried A LOT of competitors, but nothing feels as smooth and stays on as long as this one. Plus, a bottle lasts you ages because you only need about a pea-size amount for your whole face.

Blush: Tarte Cheek Stain

Pop the cap off, dab your cheeks with the stick, and you're done. Gel blush is definitely the time-strapped answer to dull winter skin.

Mascara: Trish McEvoy Lash Curling

I'm fairly picky about my mascara because it seemed like I could never get it off at night and I always ended up with dark circles underneath my eyes. Once I switched to the type that pulls off in tubes, I've never looked back. It's much easier cleanup and I never have to worry about looking raccoon-y. This one also has the added benefit of helping to curl the lashes.

Lip Color: Glossier Generation G

You know when you put on lipstick and have to blot a few times to get that perfect shade of barely-there color? Yeah, stop doing that and buy one of these. It's also super moisturizing, so it acts as a sort of chapstick. I love any lip color I don't need a mirror for.

Eyeshadow: Charlotte Tillbury Color Chameleon

I do not have time for powder eyeshadow when I'm also trying to get my toddler to not eat toilet paper. This eyeshadow stick is super pigmented, lasts all day, and I get that perfect smudgy look just by using my finger.

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