trip report: nantucket

trip report: nantucket

running along cliff road

running along cliff road

The first time I went to Nantucket was right after college, when my dear friend Stacey was kind enough to let me crash her family vacation. Her family, who have been vacationing on the island for years, know every nook and cranny of ACK, especially when it comes to food. From home-cooked lobster bakes to introducing me to my favorite pancakes in the world, I am forever indebted to them to fostering my own love for this magical spot.

Mike and I first went to Nantucket together on our minimoon, went back again last summer after Stacey's wedding, and decided to plan a weeklong trip this year. We are big travelers, as you may have gleaned, but with a six month old, we didn't want to organize anything too ambitious. Nantucket appealed to us for a few reasons: the flight from New York is only about 30 minutes, you don't have to rent a car if you stay in town, and, most important, it's beautiful and there's great food.

On our flight up, literally half the plane was babies, so we felt even more confident that we'd be able to navigate a weeklong trip with Avvie in tow. While we planned on renting a house, it was basically impossible to find one small enough for the three of us that wasn't a bazillion dollars, so we opted for a room at The Roberts Collection in the center of town.

First off, the decor! Everything from the bathrooms to the lobby was outfitted in the cutest prints. And, most important: the bathroom was big enough to fit the pack and play. For non-parents: this meant that we could CLOSE A DOOR when Avvie was napping or down for the night and also actually be able to speak above a whisper. Did it mean I ran down to the lobby bathroom to pee? Sure, but seriously, a small price to pay. The only drawback was how loud the noise was from India St. below, but since it didn't wake up the baby, I did not morph into one of those old men shaking a fist at the window.

This was the first vacation since the beach portion of our honeymoon where I didn't have every hour mapped out. I am a big believer in maximizing our time when we travel, but here, since we'd been multiple times, the first item on the agenda was decompressing. Also, six month olds aren't really so great at schedules.

So, every day unfolded in somewhat of the same sequence, but since it generally involved delicious pancakes, beach time, buying thousands of monogrammed items, and lobster, that wasn't really an issue. It was the longest we've been able to spend together as a family (!) since we brought Avvie home from the hospital, which was also very special.



Here are some of my favorite haunts on the island:


Black-Eyed Susan's: Probably the most famous breakfast spot on the island; you must try the Dutch pancakes. The dinner here is also phenomenal and I recommend making reservations for the 6PM slot if you have kids (all other times are first-come, first serve).

Cru: The best lobster roll in town, in my opinion. Be warned they don't allow strollers.

The Juice Bar: New England has great ice cream, but the scoops here are some of the best I've ever had. The line can be long in the evening, but it moves quickly. Also, they make waffle cones from scratch and if there is a more heavenly smell, I have yet to experience it.

The Lemon Press: I love this place for smoothies and salads. It's great for grab-and-go items to bring to the beach.

Met on Main: Stacey's family's restaurant! Get the biscuits and sit outside on the lovely patio.

Nautilus: The hardest reservation to book in town, but the food is fantastic. In high season, if you want a primetime table, you'll have to line up 45 minutes to an hour before they open for in-person reservations at noon. 

The Proprietors Bar & Table: Mouth watering small plates and fabulous cocktails. 

Something Natural: Huge sandwiches made on fresh bread. A bit of a walk out of town, but you see gorgeous houses on the way.

Straight Wharf: Fantastic, fresh seafood. There are two sides (and two menus) to the restaurant. I recommend trying both. Also, they stock Stokke highchairs!


Follain: Run by fellow Trinity alum (and new mom!) Tara Foley, this beauty store stocks a highly-vetted collection of healthy, natural products.

Lilly Pulitzer: Duh.

Murray's Toggery Shop: If you want Nantucket reds, this is your one-stop shop. They also have a great selection of themed Nantucket books for kids.

Nantucket Monogram: I never leave the island without buying something moderately ridiculous with my initials on it. And now, with a baby, I have TWO different monograms to play with! Avvie came home with an embroidered linen tissue box cover. I think she loves it.


Children's Beach: This is a great beach for babies for a few reasons. It's close to town, there's a grassy area if you don't want to get in the sand, and there's a playground and bathrooms. This was where Avvie took her first dip in the ocean.

Cisco Brewery: Food trucks, live music, and great suds make this a fabulous way to spend an afternoon. There are babies aplenty and even a free shuttle bus from town.

Cliff Road: Mike and I would take turns going for runs while the baby slept. This was my favorite route because it's easy to navigate to from town and I love ogling all the mansions. I also took a few classes at Studio Nantucket, which were great.

Galley Beach: The best spot to see the candy-colored Nantucket sunsets.

'Sconset: This is a charming village about a 15 minute drive from town. You can also take the Wave bus there, which was actually very easy with a baby.

Have you been to Nantucket? What are your favorite things to do?

shades x2

shades x2

Until next summer!

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