juliet's big list of cold-weather essentials

juliet's big list of cold-weather essentials

It's almost December! Yikes. Even though Avvie was (storm) born in early February, most of her babyhood has been spent in rather temperate months. And when we did bring her outside as a wee babe, she was sleeping 99% of the time, so I don't think she has much memory of things like ... wearing socks.

Now, at nearly 10 months, we're relearning what it means to not leave the house in only a onesie (I'm talking about both us, by the way). Getting in and out of the stroller takes five times as long when you're wrestling a wiggly girl into a coat, hat, and mittens (lolz, definitely not mittens). Layers of undershirts, sweaters, and parkas mean diaper changes take longer ... and poop blowouts ruin that many more items of clothing. The silver lining is that she does look adorable in her hats.

Anyway, as much as I loathe the cold, I have found a few items that make leaving our toasty apartment that much more tolerable. Read on for my picks and please share any of your favorites!

for the stroller

Stroller gloves: If you are a parent living in New York and you don't have these yet, drop everything and go use some extra Buy Buy Baby merchandise credit to purchase immediately. Not only do they keep your hands warm, but it means you're not worried about losing your own gloves every time you need to tend to something in the stroller. Which is a lot.

Stroller bunting: We actually have two: I bought the Bugaboo High Performance one before she was born, but she was too small to use it last winter (we used the Bugaboo Bee Cocoon instead). While I love that it matches our stroller (pink, natch), I wish that the hood actually covered her head. To that end, I just picked up the 7 A.M. Enfant version, which is universally adaptable and has a more cushioned hood. I haven't tested it out yet, but I know a lot of moms who swear by it.

Stroller blankets: I received a few of the Restoration Hardware sherpa blankets at my baby shower and they remain my favorite. They're the perfect size for the stroller and the sherpa material is so soft.

for the carseat

Carseat bunting: We used the J.J. Cole Infant Urban BundleMe all last winter, but I like the idea behind the 7 A.M. Enfant Nido, since it allows full, unrestricted access to the carseat harness. Here's a little known fact: most carseat buntings will void your carseat's warranty, since they put too much padding between the baby and the seatbelt. The Nido was designed in conjunction with the Car Seat Lady, who, as you may know, is a BAMF. Also, you can use the Nido as a jacket in the carseat, meaning your baby isn't wearing bulky layers under the seatbelt, either. If anyone has one, would love your take! 

for your baby

Winter coats: I adore the infant puffers from Patagonia, but they are a little pricey for something that will get puked on every week. Gap makes some very cute ones, and if you wait for a sale (which is like every week), they're a pretty good deal.

Winter hats: Those of you who know me well are aware of my penchant for all things personalized. Bespolk Hats are adorable and knit to order, so you can put anything from your initials to a dirty word.

Baby bunting: Again, Patagonia makes a really warm version, and we just picked up this sherpa-lined number from Giggle

Sleep sacks: Contrary to what I thought, sleep sacks are NOT like swaddles and not something you'll have to wean your baby off of when she's older. Rather, it's a safe way to keep them warm at night, since babies can't sleep with blankets until they're older. Avvie has been using this aden + anais one, but we also picked up a fleece version from Halo and a cotton one from Baby DeeDee

for you

Winter boots: I am obsessed with my SORELs. And do these Gucci loafers count as winter wear?

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