100 days to go: where are we in planning?

Screenshot from our wedding website

At the top of our wedding website is a very helpful countdown widget. When I first made the site I'm pretty sure it was at like 1,589 days before our nuptials. Now, many days later (such is the way time works), we're at 100!

First off: Mike, I hope you realize I'm using this as an excuse for you to take me out to a very fancy dinner tonight. Because 100 days before our wedding will only ever happen ONCE IN OUR LIFETIME. It's like Haley's Comet except infinitely more rare. On second thought, since 99 days and 98 days are equally as rare, I'd like a fancy dinner every night between now and July 13th. Obviously once my diet goes in effect I'll be relegated to gulps of air and clear broths, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy breathing the air inside Per Se more.

Anyway, for all my planning, I actually hadn't been keeping track of the number of days before our walk down the aisle. But over the weekend, a lovely former-bride-to-be (the moniker sticks forever, in my book) was asking how many days we had left and I almost couldn't believe we were nearly at the 100 days mark.

So far, save for a weird dream or two, I've been managing to keep my stress level under control. I'm sure it'll only grow exponentially from here, but I'm trying my best to keep track of everything on our to-do list and tackle as much as I can each weekend. You may remember I did a "where are we in planning?" post when we'd been engaged for a year, which was October. You can check that out here.

I won't go through the whole shebang again, but here are some items that have been finalized since October:

Hairstylist: I'm using Ryan B. Anthony and you can read all about my hair trial here.

Bachelorette party: Vegas! Details here.
Mike's bachelor party: He's going to Montreal! I told him that he's allowed to have as many types of smoked meats as possible. I'm hoping this will keep them from engaging in other, ahem, less savory pursuits.

Bridal shoes: These are bought! And I got amazing deal. Expect more on this later.
Bridal jewelry: This is also done and you can get the lowdown here.

Menu tasting: Done! Read about it here.
Cake tasting: Also done! You can ogle cake photos here and here.

Minimoon: Booked and you can read about it here.
Honeymoon: We have officially decided on Tokyo and Thailand in January of 2014.

So what else am I working on right now?

- Scout The Plaza with our photographer for wedding photos
- Address and send out our wedding invitations
- Plan and send out invites for the rehearsal dinner and farewell brunch
- Choose items for the guest room goody bags
- Buy presents for our bridal party
- Submit wedding info to the New York Times (more on this later)

- Finalize our readings
- Pick our vows
- Finding the accoutrements for our sponsors. Read about that here.
- Locking in both our processional and recessional music. I'll keep those a surprise until after the wedding, but, guys, this is HARD!
- Plan and print out programs

- Plan and print our menus
- Organize tables (this has to wait until after our RSVPs get sent back to us)
- Compile our play and do-not-play set lists for the band
- Design and order our guest book

I'm sure there are a million things more, but REST ASSURED that my outfits are planned.

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